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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mineral Monday: Amethyst

When out shopping for jewelry, I bet you’re wondering: “which gemstone will enable me to drink the most without getting drunk?” Great question. So for all you intoxicated jewelry shoppers out there, look no further than amethyst whose name means “Not intoxicated” in Greek. Ancient Greeks did believe that amethyst would prevent you from getting […]

Mineral Monday

HA! Just in time! A Mineral Monday published on Monday… even if there are only 2 hours of Monday left. Oops. Heliodor is the mineral of the week. It’s also known as a golden beryl- so it’s the yellow form of the more well-known green version: emerald. It’s golden color is reminiscent of the suns rays, as […]

A kiss on the hand might be quite continental…

…But Diamonds are a girls best friend. Was there ever any doubt that diamonds would be the subject of this Mineral Monday? Happy Valentines Day- though Monday may be the worst day of the week for Valentines Day, maybe some pictures of gemstones and interesting facts about these sparkling things will help.

Rocks Turn Paperclip Invisible??

Ugh. Monday. But to brighten up your otherwise dreary beginning of the week, here’s a brand new Mineral Monday! Calcite is our Mineral this week. It’s a carbonate mineral, which means it has the carbonate ion CO3^(2-). Calcite is fun in general, because being a carbonate mineral means that it’s mildly reactive. Dropping a weak acid on […]