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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Arsenic crayons

What was your favorite coloring method as a child? Messy finger paints? Magic markers with a tendency to bleed? Or were you a neat and precise colored pencil and crayon kind of kid? What about arsenic? I bet you never thought of that one while you were coloring in landscapes with purple mountain majesty.* Arsenic sulfide (As2S3), or […]

Vacation’s Over

The Rocks Know was on vacation for the past week. Ok, so it was just me on vacation, but we’ll be back soon with rocks, vikings and… more rocks. Stay Tuned!

Japan Rocked by Earthquake, Tsunami

Rocks don’t always play nice. Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts today after the horrifying earthquake and tsunami that struck there this morning (EST). No one knows much yet, other than it was an 8.9 earthquake, the 5th largest ever recorded, and that there are tsunami warnings along the pacific rim, including […]

Mineral Metamorphasis

Your mineral riddle for this week is: What starts off as granite, and can be turned into paper, medicine, fine china, and gauze?   The Answer is: Kaolinite! It’s a naturally white clay found all over the world- usually in hot humid climates like the tropics. It’s this sweltering climate that actually creates Kaolinite minerals, turning the […]