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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Meteorite Strikes in Russia

I’m sitting here at the AAAS meeting and I just heard that there are reports of a meteorite strike in Russia. Early reports are saying that there are anywhere from 500 to 950 people injured in the area. I’ll be updating this post for the next few hours as details continue to come in. What […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Test Recorded By USGS

This screenshot of the USGS real-time map shows the nuclear test conducted by North Korea. The blue dot indicates where the test took place. It appears that North Korea managed to pull off a nuclear bomb test. The USGS recorded the event as a 5.1 magnitude earthquake 1 km underground in the early morning. US […]

Mineralized Monday

If you’re still looking for a gift for that special someone this Thursday, and you happen to have several thousand dollars just burning a hole in your bank account, you might want to look at these ridiculously pretty jewels designed by Monique Péan. The ring above, and the necklace below were crafted from fragments of […]