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About the site

What was the weather like millions of years ago?

What did dinosaurs eat for breakfast?

How did people on Easter Island build those statues?

Answer: Ask a rock.

Rocks are some of the most basic features of any landscape. They can be found in cities, deserts, forests, and they can be sculpted, rough, shiny or drab. Most of our natural resources are pulled from rocks, from the petroleum in our gas tank to the mica flakes in our toothpaste (it’s those little sparkly bits). They also hold vast amounts of information. They can tell us in what direction glaciers flowed, trade patterns and societal structures of past civilizations. Rocks from outer space can tell us about the very essence of the universe. Got a question about the natural world past or present? It’s a pretty safe bet that the rocks around you know at the very least a part of the puzzle.

Sometimes the most mundane things in the world around us can hold the most fascinating information. This blog will focus on cool tidbits in earth science and archaeology, with fun (and sometimes unrelated) things thrown in along the way.

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