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HaCkeD By Dr.Silnt HilL

[!]# HaCkeD By Dr.Silnt HilL #[!] [!][!] HaCkeD By Dr.Silnt HilL [!][!] E0g:[!]The Fourth Pyramid[!] Gz-:[!]ihab Pal,Golden-Hacker[!] #Top HacKer Egypt 2017 ..Security HacKer !!

Want to Visit Stonehenge?

Want a dawn visit for two to the famous stone circle next spring? English Heritage has a new publicity contest to promote their brand new visitor center at Stonehenge.  Using cardboard cutouts or a silhouette app  folks just like you are invited to post a a picture of what you think a new dawn at Stonehenge […]

Graffiti at Historical/Archaeological Sites


Thursday Treasures: Ancient Coins at the MFA

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston is a treasure in and of itself. It is stunningly beautiful, and absolutely packed with some of the most incredible examples of art, from pre-history to the modern era. They have a new gallery of ancient coins which is apparently “the only permanent exhibition space for ancient coins in […]

Another Earthquake in Iran, 600-year-old Murder Mystery, and Armor Piercing Cannonballs

  Today, the news is rightfully dominated by the marathon bombings in Boston, but while we’re mourning, reading about news in other parts of the world might be a helpful distraction. Here’s your weekly round-up of rock-related news. Geology For the second week in a row, a major earthquake strikes Iran, this time in the southern […]