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Category Archives: Field Day Friday

Want to Visit Stonehenge?

Want a dawn visit for two to the famous stone circle next spring? English Heritage has a new publicity contest to promote their brand new visitor center at Stonehenge.  Using cardboard cutouts or a silhouette app  folks just like you are invited to post a a picture of what you think a new dawn at Stonehenge […]

Field Day Friday: Mammoth Cave

It’s been one of those weeks. One of those terrible, awful weeks that everyone just wants to be over and done with. One of those weeks where yes, thank you, I really would prefer to go hide in a cave somewhere rather than stay compulsively glued to the news. This week, my daydream rock-related getaway […]

Field Day Friday

It’s Friday! And that probably means you want nothing more than to go do something fun for the weekend. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a field trip right now, and just kick-start the entire weekend early? I vote we all go here, to Cappadocia in Turkey. Those gorgeous formations are hoodoos, weird rock formations […]