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Category Archives: Mineral Monday

Just another Mineral Monday

I went to a Gem and Mineral show in midtown yesterday and seeing all those stunning specimens made me realize just how lax I’ve been. There are so many beautiful minerals out there that we haven’t talked about! I spent the majority of the time wandering around with my camera, speechless with joy and periodically […]

Topaz Tuesday

What do you get when you combine a gem with radiation?

Mineral Monday: Rutile

We are now almost halfway through November. Kind of shocking, isn’t it? 2011, you have flown by at far too brisk a pace. This week’s mineral is rutile. Rutile is one of those funky minerals that is both useful and pretty, but it is usually at its best when paired with another stone or product. […]

Mineral Monday: Afghanite

Mondays making you blue? Here’s a mineral for you. Afghanistan isn’t exactly known for it’s great wealth of natural resources, despite the hullabaloo last year over the recently re-discovered mineral deposits in the county. What Afghanistan does have is a mineral named after the country. Afghanite has the impossible chemical formula (Na,Ca,K)8(Al6Si6O24)(Cl2,SO4,CO3)3· 0.5H2O. It was […]

Mineral Monday: Salt

Salt crystals from Germany Image Credit: Walter J. Pilsak Happy Halloween! In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we’re going to be talking about one of the most magical minerals of all: salt. Salt (NaCl, or halite) has been a highly prized mineral for millennia. But, under the traditional definition of a mineral, salt, […]