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Category Archives: Paleontology

State Secret Saturday: New York State Fossil

Eurypterus remipes Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons No, not that kind of state secret. Wikileaks is interesting, but what I find fascinating are the insane numbers of state symbols out there that have to do with geology. There are a plethora of official state fossils, rocks, stones, minerals, gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, dinosaurs, shells, and soils all […]

Science Bloggers for Students!

I’m joining this late in the game, at the end of Earth Science Week because I’ve been sick for the last several days- but I finally got back around to reading my blogs and came across Highly Allochthonus’ post about the charity event going on in the science blogosphere. There’s a website called DonorsChoose that […]

See this rock. See the tiny skeletons in the rock.

Scream “Fire!!” in a crowded room, and you could possibly be prosecuted in the ensuing panic (you could also be massively derided for using such a cliched hypothetical situation). Scream “Paleontology” in a crowded room, and you’ll get really annoyed and confused glances from the people around you, but you might also get those annoyed […]