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Boston, You’re My Home

“This doesn’t happen in Boston,” said one of the CBS news anchors a few minutes ago, still in disbelief. I was going to write about gold today for Mineral Monday, but that’s going to have to wait. My thoughts are entirely consumed by the events in Boston today. I’ve been in contact with friends in the […]


I was in the subway, and missed it entirely. So sad for me… While this is really exciting for the cities and metropolitan areas on the east coast, It’s probably not a harbinger of doom. More later…if there’s any more to report, but there’s probably not much to this. There don’t seem to be any […]

Vacation’s Over

The Rocks Know was on vacation for the past week. Ok, so it was just me on vacation, but we’ll be back soon with rocks, vikings and… more rocks. Stay Tuned!

A kiss on the hand might be quite continental…

…But Diamonds are a girls best friend. Was there ever any doubt that diamonds would be the subject of this Mineral Monday? Happy Valentines Day- though Monday may be the worst day of the week for Valentines Day, maybe some pictures of gemstones and interesting facts about these sparkling things will help.

Rocks in the News

I’ve added a new page that has links to interesting articles and images- check it out under Rocks in the News to the right, or just click here.

Today’s selection includes images of a volcanic eruption, updates on the situation with the miners in Chile, new news about CO2 in the oceans, and mammoths.