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Field Day Friday: Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave Tour Image Credit: Wikipedia

Mammoth Cave Tour Image Credit: Wikipedia

It’s been one of those weeks. One of those terrible, awful weeks that everyone just wants to be over and done with. One of those weeks where yes, thank you, I really would prefer to go hide in a cave somewhere rather than stay compulsively glued to the news. This week, my daydream rock-related getaway isĀ Mammoth Cave.

Mammoth Cave, in Kentucky is the world’s longest known cave system according to the National Park Service, with around 400 miles of tunnels explored. The NPS also evocatively describes it as “A Grand, Gloomy and Peculiar Place.” That sounds about right. I’ve only been in a few caves, but the impression I had of them was that they certainly are “grand and peculiar places.” There is something sacred and beautiful about being in a cave, like being within the embrace of the earth. And I don’t know about you, but I am sorely in need of a hug this week.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: USGS via Wikipedia