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Field Day Friday

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons (click to enlarge)

It’s Friday! And that probably means you want nothing more than to go do something fun for the weekend. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a field trip right now, and just kick-start the entire weekend early? I vote we all go here, to Cappadocia in Turkey. Those gorgeous formations are hoodoos, weird rock formations created by erosion, and common in arid areas like the American Southwest, and apparently, Turkey. Hoodoos are primarily made up of soft sedimentary rocks, protected from weathering and erosion by a harder capstone at the top. They form when earth’s natural processes gradually degrade and remove the stone outside the ¬†protected area, leaving just the pillars. Pretty amazing stuff.

The hoodoos in Turkey are unique in that people in the area built houses in them for¬†millennia. Click on the picture above, and zoom in. You’ll be able to see windows and staircases in the rock formations. Visitors to the region can even go on tours of the many underground cities built into the rock.