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Want to Visit Stonehenge?


Want a dawn visit for two to the famous stone circle next spring? English Heritage has a new publicity contest to promote their brand new visitor center at Stonehenge.  Using cardboard cutouts or a silhouette app  folks just like you are invited to post a a picture of what you think a new dawn at Stonehenge looks like.

The ‘app’ as they call it is actually a website, and while cropping the silhouette onto the picture took a few tries with my iPhone, I found it pretty easy to use.  As you can see, I went the meta route, taking a picture of a model of Stonehenge I just happened to have lying around my desk. Of course, there are innumerable sunrise/sunset/astronomy pictures. But other people have been more creative, including The Doctor, Shrek and Machu Picchu in their entries. Also, because it’s the internet, cheese and aliens. Naturally.